Unleash your inner welder

Unleashing your inner welder is like awakening a silent artist. With every spark, you craft beauty from raw metal, and in each bead of weld, you paint your unique story onto the canvas of steel. It's a journey of transformation, where you're both the creator and the creation, sculpting the world in molten poetry.


Fronius: the company. High-quality products from Fronius are in demand all over the world. For this reason, Fronius has 37 subsidiaries on five continents.

Take a peek behind the scenes of the Fronius family and see how our employees spend their working days. 

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Perfect Welding

We aspire to produce more than just welding systems

which is why we are the innovation leader for arc welding and are constantly developing welding processes further.

In addition to welding technology for robot applications, we offer solutions for manual gas shielded arc welding, for MIG/MAG, TIG, and MMA welding processes. We also implement automated, complete welding solutions tailored to customer requirements in the field of welding automation.

After all, welding creates connections - between metals, between industries, and between people. Connected by the arc, by passion, by the beat of welding.

Our Products

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Professional Welding Tools

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Industrial Welding Systems
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Robotic Welding Equipment


GYS is an industrial group that designs and manufactures welding equipment, battery-related products, and collision repair equipment. The company focuses on three categories of products: equipment for welding, battery maintenance, and automobile body repair.

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Our Products

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Car Body Repair

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Welding and Cutting

Unlock boundless possibilities

Some Of The Things We Do

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About us

Our town's local welding store is a trusted hub for welding enthusiasts and professionals. With a wide range of equipment and expert advice, it's the go-to spot for all welding needs, fostering a strong sense of community among welders of all levels.


Get in touch
  • Phone: 0795537085
  • WhatsApp: 0795537085
  • Email: jtarazi@tarazitrading.com

  • Address:
  • Complex No 2، AL-Sirat Street, Amman
  • Working hours:
  • 8:30AM - 5:30PM

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